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Essential Principles for Advisors
and Allies

Training Resources

A Guide for Advisors

Advisors must educate themselves on the rights, need, obstacles and opportunities faced by undocumented students as well as the benefits and risks of becoming an Ally. The cornerstone rules for Advisors-Allies are never to “out” a student without their informed consent and never to tell a student to break or bend immigration laws. Advice has to be focused on the future of the student and any use of public benefits for which students are not entitled will compromise their ability to regularize their status in the future and are grounds for fines and deportation.

Essential Principles for Allies- Advisors

  • An ally becomes informed of the rights afforded by law to AB 540 and other undocumented students.
  • An ally does not encourage students to act on matters that may compromise them when they have the opportunity to adjust their immigration status.
  • An ally finds legal alternatives that assist students to meet academic requisites when the students are excluded by law from regular participation in employment, federal aid, internships, travel or use of identification forms that they do not have.
  • An ally listens openly, yet does not interrogate the student about his immigration status.
  • An ally does not “out” the student without the student’s informed consent.
  • An ally follows up on referrals to assess the effectiveness of the referral.
  • An ally is committed to maintaining confidentiality and respecting the rights of people who are undocumented.
Resources are available to educators who wish to start ally training projects. The AB website and training guides are in the public domain. The Resource Guide and the Training Project materials can be reproduced without written permission of the author and only an acknowledgement of the source is necessary. These materials and training are offered free to allies and may not be sold or used to generate revenue or donations. The training is offered free and no fees should be charged for the training. For information about the AB 540 Ally Training Project contact

Training Resources 

AB 540 Ally Training Project – Facilitators Handbook (28MB | .pdf)
AB 540 Ally Training Project PowerPoint (11MB | .ppt)
AB 540 Resource Guide (125KB | .docx)
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