Got Papers? Got Dreams?
Know that you can go to college regardless of your immigration status

Student Forums

Undocumented students profit from participation in affinity groups, as do all students. Several colleges and universities have unofficial and recognized student groups of undocumented students and their supporters. These groups serve important purposes. They welcome new students to the campus, cultivate mentors and allies among faculty and staff, and provide peer to peer support by building a sense of community through engagement in campus activities, outreach to high schools, leadership development, and provide for social events for students, parents, and mentors. In all, student groups enrich the students’ experiences on and off campus and are an important resource for student success and progress toward degree.

Regional groups are also formed across the state to advocate for immigration reform and in particular the federal DREAM Act legislation. The groups encourage civic responsibility by encouraging student activism to advocate for social justice for immigrants and immigrant families.

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